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CAP 74024 – “Tales Around Desire” 10th Anniversary book


Big and heavy, emotive and genuine.
“Tales Around Desire” is a limited-edition anthology book encapsulating the first ten years of CAP 74024.
Issued coincidentally with its 10th anniversary of the magazine, the 536 pages book is available only in 999 copies. With more than 1200 images under 6 categories, the book showcases the essence that CAP 74024 has believed in since its inception.

From candid portraits of muses to enthralling images of cultural icons, “Tales Around Desire” is a visual homage to the symbiotic relationship between muses and creators.
It delves into the alchemy and intimate tapestry of love and connection that CAP 74024 has woven over the years, celebrating the myriad forms of intimacy and the profound moments that define us.

Binding with reflective silver hard cover and printed in Garda Matt Art, the mirroring cover reflects the face of the readers’ vaguely while they are looking at it. An oneiric effect was thus created to arouse the desires that were buried in the deepest part of our memory. So now, #LookAtMe, and tell me if you see yourself too.

Paper Garda Matt Art 150g, Paper GardaGloss Art 155g, Hardcover covered with mirror film and engravings.


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