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CAP 74024 #18 – Cate Blanchett cover


Elegant, poised and intellectual, Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett sweep the film enthusiasts worldwide off their feet with her outstanding talent and exquisite cinematic performances. A gem of the silver screen and a luminant on the stage, Cate Blanchett garnered numerous accolades across independent films, blockbusters and theaters. Off screen, she is a proponent in humanitarian and environmental activism, and an open-minded global citizen. Her passion for Japanese culture and cuisine leads her to become the creative director of premium Toku Saké.
Through photographer Zhong Lin’s fantastical and dazzling images, the mysterious yet mesmerizing aura of Cate surfaced theatrically on this special cover of CAP 74024.
496 pages, soft cover 350 grams, paper Silk 115 grams, Bulky coated 130 grams.


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